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Litigation Management Service TucsonIn most cases, the best way to control the cost of litigation is to avoid it altogether. Even the most effective claims handling can result in litigation. Diversified Claims Management Systems has the resources to effectively and efficiently manage your litigated claims and achieve the best possible outcomes.

An Emphasis on ADR

Many litigated claims do not have to go to trial. Diversified Claims Management Systems adjusters place a strong emphasis on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) techniques, including mediation and arbitration, to avoid trials and dramatically reduce your legal expenses.

An Eye on Costs, a Constant Focus on Outcomes

We carefully scrutinize every legal bill for appropriateness and accuracy. We will show you what to expect from your counsel. Diversified Claims Management Systems knows the legal fee structure in your jurisdiction and the settlement range for your type of case.

Detailed Guidelines for a Cost-Effective, Proactive Response

Specific procedures and time frames are established for every critical area of litigation management, including contact with all involved parties, the discovery process, review of legal bills, and reporting. We adhere to these standards with one goal in mind - achieving the lowest possible cost, without compromising the quality of claims handling.

A Higher Level of Litigation Management Services

Diversified Claims Management Systems strength and expertise in the marketplace has allowed us to establish a unique selection of litigation management services to help you further reduce your costs and attain the outcomes you desire. These specialized services include benchmarking, legal services assessment, preferred defense and preferred legal services provider networks, gain-sharing arrangements to ensure savings, law firm auditing, consultative services, and training and development.


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