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Onsite Field Insurance Adjusters  

Diversified Claims Management Systems, Inc. provides insurance claims adjusting services. We are currently in the process of expanding our operations to handle claims in the southwest states to serve and reach more clients who need our services. We are confident that our superior quality insurance adjustment service to you is most cost effective, therefore, we can assure you that the quality of your claims that are handled are not compromised in any way.

As much as we can, we try to avoid litigation to reduce the legal expenses of our clients. All possible means are exhausted first so clients can be relieved of trial procedures. In doing so, our main goal remains to be directed at giving you the maximum settlement range for your case. Our extensive adjusting claims handling backgrounds make us very competent insurance advisers. We propose effective solutions according to our clients' claims. Our main goal is always to give the best quality service with the lowest possible cost at the most forthright and professional manner.

DCMS services include Third Party Administrator (TPA), Liability Claims Management, Casualty Claims Management, Vehicle Services, Heavy Equipment Services Product Liability Management, Property Claims Management and Litigation Management. In our every service, you are guaranteed you will obtain results that will represent your case best. We work hard enough to ensure that you will get the fairest settlement. You can be assured that from the start of the investigation up to the settlement process, we will provide you continuous mediation on any claim. Our resources will be used to mitigate damages and to speed up the process to reach fair and reasonable solution.

 liability claims adjuster

Our staff is the cream of the crop in the industry. When it comes to liability claims, our team meets each challenge with tailored solution. Our direction and assistance are designed to minimize exposure risks and maintain cost efficiency. You can depend on our experts and professionals who are committed to provide you with the outcome you desire. Engaging our services regarding your insurance adjustment concerns will be an absolute worthwhile decision.


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