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insurance claims adjustersDiversified Claims Management Systems is a privately owned company based in Tucson, AZ and it is categorized under Insurance Consultants, Adjusters and Advisers.  We have been established since February 2002. For the entirety of the company’s history, it has catered to claims adjustment and management needs of its clients. Our company provides its services to large corporations, self insured’s, public entities, and traditional insurance companies. We represent clients in all types of insurance matters and we take pride in having developed superior quality claims adjustment reporting products at very competitive rates.


Diversified Claims Management Systems - DCMS services include but are not limited to a wide ranging line of liability claims management, casualty claims management, property claims management, vehicle services, heavy equipment services and litigation management services and product liability services. Effectively, our clients can rely on us regarding auto and property appraisal work, claims monitoring, claims investigation, determination of liability, reserve handling and recommendation; and claim negotiation and settlement. We also provide an exclusive selection of litigation management services and we also represent our clients at all settlement and mediation conferences in the best way possible. We do these to help our valuable clients reduce their costs while ensuring that they get the most reasonable and rational result.


Our company is composed of professionals with strong and analytical knowledge about insurance claims, insurance adjustment and risk management. Our team is well-acquainted with the current economic situation and has clear understanding of what risk management is about. We are very well aware of our duties and responsibilities as insurance advisers and adjusters. We work independently in the exclusive interest of our clients without failing to see the significance of professional ethics and impartiality.


DCMS believes in exhausting all available alternatives by employing proven dispute resolutions techniques such as mediation and arbitration to minimize the legal expenses of our clients. We place a strong emphasis and focus on delivering the best possible result to you.




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